Ninvoice Bitcoin plugin for nopCommerce

Begin accepting Bitcoin in your store. The Ninvoice Bitcoin plugin for nopCommerce makes accepting Bitcoin in your nopCommerce store a breeze. No more chargebacks. No more transaction fees.
£75.00 incl tax

Begin accepting Bitcoin in your store today.

In addition to just being cool and modern, Bitcoin has become a great option for those who cannot get or wish to supplement more traditional payment methods.  To start accepting Bitcoin there is no credit checks, no waiting for review, no transaction fees for the seller.  Today Bitcoin is more liquid than ever, with exchanges allowing you to convert Bitcoin into fiat currency and have it paid directly into your bank within minutes.

This plugin brings to your store a first class experience.

Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier.

  • Fully functional Trial version available. Has 5 USD/GBP/EUR, etc limit.
  • Supports for wallets
  • All pricing on your site is still in your local primary currency.  The amount to pay in Bitcoin comes at the end.  No meaningless 0.00020211 BTC pricing in your store
  • Set the number of confirmations required before marking an order as Paid
  • Create a new temporary address for payments to sent to
  • Supports USD/EUR/GBP as the primary currency.
  • A familiar QR code is displayed (currently only on Windows hosting environments)
  • Instant notification for the customer when payment received where possible
  • Time limit payment times to reduce exposure to BTC price fluctuations
  • Handles all the fiddly Bitcoin stuff.

Currently only available for nopCommerce 4.2.  4.3 support is coming soon.

Try the trial version today to see how quickly you can get started.  An API key is request from